Standard Tuning

A standard tuning can be performed on any piano where the pitch is at or very near concert pitch (A440). 

Pitch Raise/Lowering

A pitch raise or lowering may be required for several different reasons (see below) and an assessment is necessary before performing this procedure to ensure that the piano will structurally tolerate the extra tension. 

A piano’s pitch can raise or drop if the piano:
- has been neglected for years
- has undergone a move
- has been through a drastic change in its climate (i.e. new humidity system installed in home, etc).


All upright and grand pianos need periodic regulation to function at their best.  A regulation is performed on the piano's action and that action is made up of hundreds of small pieces, levers and gears. Just like any other working machine, the action requires maintenance to ensure that it and all it's parts are operating as they were designed to. The many parts inside the piano are composed of materials like wood, felt, cloth and leather, and these natural fibers are easily changed by factors like temperature and humidity within your home. By regulating the action, changes are made to compensate, and your piano is able to function properly again, making it feel much easier and enjoyable to play.


Common repairs include broken/non-functioning pedals, string replacements, replacement hammers, broken keys or missing ivories and the elimination of buzzes and squeaks.

Buying and Selling
If you are looking to sell your own piano, need help looking for a new one or would just like an evaluation of a piano, these are all things that I can help you with. 

For detailed rates on the services offered, please contact me at,  226-979-7812 or through the form on the contact page.